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Jan 31, 2019

Glen and Sean chat about what has been going right and wrong recently.  Glen consults Dr. Dutch for advice on getting his groove back and much more..

Jan 24, 2019

Coree Woltering returns to the show to discuss his recent win and CR performance at the Frozen Gnome 50K, signing with North Face, attempting Dry January and the benefits thus far and so much more!

Jan 17, 2019

In what will surely go down as one of most interesting episodes we've released, we are joined by Eric Senseman, Patrick Reagan, and Kris Brown in a roundtable-like discussion covering anything and everything. Get in the mind of 3 close friends who just happen to be successful Ultra runners and find out who takes the...

Jan 10, 2019

Your boy C$ money returns to the Negative Splits podcast to discuss his podium & ticket punching performance at Bandera 100K, Runtirement 2.0, why he decided to quit his job again to focus on running, his youtube channel and SO much more!

Jan 3, 2019

The Split boys are back ringing in the New Year with a Splits-only show to discuss goals for 2019, shedding weight, a bathroom blunder, long runs, and so much more!