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Dec 27, 2018

The boys are back to discuss a recent FKT and what they mean, a recent world record set, ugly strides, Dutch's recent experience with a Sports massage therapist and update on his injury, Bill shares a story about making a new treadmill friend, G's incline treadmill stories, WOKE K and more!


Dec 19, 2018

Megan and David Roche join the Negative Splits Podcast to discuss their new book.  We talk about David's fear of dancing, nobody caring about your PR, dealing with failure and embracing it, benefits of back to back long runs, and some life advice from Megan to close.  You will enjoy this one and probably learn some...

Dec 13, 2018

Friend of show Schuyler Hall came to see the Split boys in Buffalo, NY and we recorded a podcast at a bar discussing anything and everything!

Dec 6, 2018

How did Chris Howie end up in the hospital next to his then 7 month pregnant wife after his first ultra race attempt and what lessons did he learn from that? Episode #121 features Chris Howie fresh off his Lake Haigler 12 hour race. We talk about his 5K-a-day goal, how running has given him focus when he's needed it...