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Feb 20, 2017

It’s a Splits only episode and the guys talk about sprinkling in a new addition to their training, diet downfalls, spreading out races vs. doing a bunch close together, would they sport a speedo in a race?, running related pet peeves, a recent running survey, running angry, racing distance limits, performance...

Feb 9, 2017

Glen interviews one of the top American marathoners Jared Ward. Jared finished 3rd at the Olympic Trials and 6th at the Olympics in RIO. They discuss the balance of faith, life and running, his build up to the Boston Marathon, his strategy and experience at the Olympics, how much weight he loss during it, living …

Feb 3, 2017

From the road to the trails, the boys talk shop with Hoka elite Tim Tollefson. Tim talks about his rise from road runner to one of the top ultra competitors in the world. find Tim on Instagram & Strava  Download:ep 25 Tim Tollefson Our sponsor Vfuel , makers of nutrition and drink mix for endurance … Continue reading